Full-Time Memberships:

  • Designed for clients who intend to make Elysium Fitness their primary exercise facility.
  • This membership offers access to the club’s cardio room during all hours of operation.
  • $700 per year or $70 per month

Part-Time Memberships:

  • Designed for clients who intend to use Elysium Fitness for their personal training.
  • This membership offers cardiovascular workouts 45 minutes prior to, or immediately following a personal training session.
  • $450 per year or $45 per month

*All members must be accompanied by a personal trainer while using strength training equipment

Non-Members and Guests:

  • May use Elysium Fitness for all other services which include: physical therapy, nutritional counseling and massage. These services are available during all hours of operation subject to availability.
  • Guest Waivers are available for people who are visiting for the first time. If you wish to continue to attend the club, you must sign up for a membership after the free day trial.