28 Sep 2011

Power Phase Burns Fat!

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We just started the new Efit Power Phase and it is an excellent training tool. It is difficult but not so challenging it can’t be overcome and it is easily modified to suit your current fitness level or your energy level for that day.

The key to quality training that produces a result is a constant, system of increasing levels of resistance. That is what we designed into Efit and the power phase is a key component because we use an interval training system to increase the level of intensity. Interval training is a simple Hard/Easy style of working out that allows for very high but very short duration exertion followed by a period of recovery.  I just Googled “Interval Training” and the first page produced results that substantiate most claims that interval training is highly effective for burning fat. Here is a quote from The New York Times article on interval training and its effectiveness.

“But new evidence suggests that a workout with steep peaks and valleys can dramatically improve cardiovascular fitness and raise the body’s potential to burn fat. Best of all, the benefits become evident in a matter of weeks.”

In a matter of weeks sounds like a powerful argument to me. Below is the current Power Phase workout program or you can check the whiteboard when you come in the club.


Power Phase:  45 sec rest / 15 sec sprint

Rower: 24 SPM / 40+ SPM x 10

Bike: seated gear 6-10 and 90 RPM / seated gear 16+ and 45RPM x 10

Kranker: Forward both arms x 5 Backward both arms x 5

Ladder: 50 FPM / 120+ FPM x 10

Core: Burpees x 5 – 2 Strength bag Power Pushup x 5

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