09 Aug 2011

New Power Phase

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We started the new EFit Power Phase last week and this one is dialed perfectly. It is just the right amount of intensity and the right amount of rest. It is still a challenging hour but one that you can almost feel producing results immediately. It is also quite invigorating. On Monday I showed up to teach feeling a bit tired but fired it up for the class and walked away feeling like a million bucks despite the heat. We are only on for two weeks so make sure you call up and save your spot. We’ll be waiting for you.


Here’s the Breakdown:


Power Phase:  40 sec rest / 20 sec sprint

Rower: 24 SPM / 36+ SPM x 10

Bike: seated gear 6-10 / seated gear 16+ x 10

Kranker: Forward both arms x 5 Backward both arms x 5

Ladder: 40 FPM / 90+ FPM x 10

Core: 2 hand Kettlebell swing x 5 Strength bag jump squat x 5

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