13 May 2011

Strength Phase Begins

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The 3 week strength phase of Efit Bootcamp begins May 16th. This is the second phase of the bootcamp and is designed to challenge your strength levels which means that it will be a slight change from the endurance phase. Several things change: First the intensity levels of each exercise become harder but they also become shorter. For each piece of equipment you will be working at near highest capacity for 1.5 minutes (or 90 sec) with a 30 second rest. This will be repeated four times per piece of equipment. The rest cycle should be a slower version of what you were doing but can be a complete stop if you are really fatigued. Second we will be off the cables and now onto the TRX. These are the yellow straps that hang from the ceiling. The first four minutes will be pushups at an angle that you can sustain two cycles of the 1.5 minute 30 sec rest period. Followed by pullups at an angle with the same conditions.

This is very exciting stuff. The goal here is to keep your body in an adaptive state so that you get the full benefit of the class by focusing on different modalities.




1. Rower: 30 sec28  s/m    90 sec  34-38 s/m    x 4


2.Bike:  30 sec  SEATED  gear 8     90 sec   STAND gear 16-18    x4


3. Kranker: 30 sec Recovery  90 sec Left Arm Fwd –  30 sec Recovery   90 Sec Right Arm Fwd  –  30 sec Recovery  90 sec Left Arm Back  –  30 sec Recovery  90 sec Right Arm Back


4. Ladder:     30 sec  50 feet pm  90 sec 80 feet pm      x4


5. TRX:   30sec Rest  90sec  PUSHUPS    x2      30sec  Rest  90sec PULLUPS     x2

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